Meet Dr. Jess

Dr. Jessica Davis is a family doctor specializing in integrative medicine for women and children.  

Dr. Jess grew up in Schaghticoke, NY about a minute away from her current office location. She left for 13 years to complete all her education at the University of Rochester where she completed a B.S in biomedical engineering, her M.D. degree, and Family Medicine residency training.  She spent an extra year as chief resident, (with her brand new baby) and during that time also trained in medical acupuncture.  

Rochester's training gave her a strong foundation in the biopsychosocial model, attending to mind, body and spirit.  However, the demands of seeing more and more patients in less and less time left her feeling frustrated and burned out.  She returned home in 2008 to set up her ideal practice and be closer to her family. 

She has created a practice that combines the best of both worlds, where the focus is on relationships and taking the time to really listen.  Though her foundation is still rooted in conventional medicine, her latest passions are in the areas of functional medicine and herbalism.   Her mission is to get babies and families off to their best start.  

Life involves caring for her patients, her family and herself, in an ever-shifting dynamic.   Family life is a fun mix of techno-geekery and back-to-nature eco-consciousness.  She enjoys experimenting with new healthy recipes, gardening, knitting, reading, and getting outside (on foot, in a kayak, in a hammock...)

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