For Current Patients

Best Ways to Contact Dr. Jess

Here's an updated summary of how to reach me, and the best method based on how urgent the situation is.  When in doubt, call!  If it is not urgent, please use the secure Passport email.  Don't forget you can schedule phone visits as well! 



  • EMERGENCY!   Interrupt me!   (Response time 0-10 minutes)
    When you call 518-664-6116 you should hear in the message to dial 4 to connect through to my cell phone. Use this option! Interrupt me if you are not sure whether you or your child may need to be in the emergency room in the near future.
  • URGENT/SAME DAY.   Leave a voicemail.    (Response time 15-60 minutes)
    Leave me a few details so I understand the situation, and I'll call you back as soon as I see the message.  If you don't hear back from me within 30-60 minutes, call back!  Usually I see it within 15 minutes and can get right back to you.  Use this in cases where you need advice about an illness or mild injury, or you are looking for a same day appointment.  
  • NOT URGENT.    Passport message or voicemail.      (Response time 1-2 business days)
    Lori, Daphne or I should get back to you within 2 business days depending on the situation.  
    Please do not use Passport/email for anything that needs a response sooner than 48 hours!


Phone Number:      518-664-6116

Fax:                          914-752-4800

Secure Messages: Elation Passport at

Email:                    If you ever need to send a regular email (sending attachments, for example),  please update your address book to use:

**Please do not contact me through Facebook or text message. Thank you!**