"Nurturing for New Moms"


Dr. Davis has been focusing her practice on moms and babies for several years now.    Her goal is to get babies and their newly created families off to the best start possible.  Ideally this means optimizing parents' health before baby is even conceived. (Of course, many pregnancies are not planned, but Dr. Davis can assist you wherever you are in the process)!  

Attention to physical and emotional well-being, exploring parenting philosophies, planning ahead for breastfeeding success, anticipating the highs and lows of the postpartum period and how to move beyond survival mode...these are all topics that Dr. Davis takes the time to explore before the baby comes. 

Consider the premium membership, especially if

  • you have some health issues of your own
  • you like to plan ahead
  • you are looking for a more holistic approach in your own care and that of your baby
  • are planning a hospital birth, and would appreciate the extra support

Premium Membership for New Moms Includes:

  • 2 Prenatal appointments to answer your questions and cover topics including:

    • Preparing for Breastfeeding 

    • Preparing for Parenting (What stuff do you really need?  What are your philosophies around parenting?)

    • Preparing for Postpartum (Mothering the Mother)

    • Nutrition

  • 1 Hospital or Home Visit in first 48 hours after birth
  • 2 additional home visits for well child/weight checks in first two weeks.  
  • 6 routine well child checks through the first year (at 1, 2, 4, 6, 9 and 12 months)
  • Integrative Consultation for Mom
    • Initial 1.5 hour consultation, and 1 hour followup
  • Ongoing email support
  • Ongoing lactation support

The Premium Membership will only have 2 openings per month.  

Please contact Dr. Davis for your intro visit to discuss the details and reserve your "due month".